Social Online Slots Games Move Into Real Money

Online social media slots are moving forward at a rapid pace. As one might expect, one of the companies that has come to the forefront in this development is Zynga, a market leader in the social games space, which has recently struck a deal with Bwin Party to make its entry into real money gambling. Of course, such a thing cannot be done in the United States just yet, but by doing this, Zynga and all the companies who wish to establish social online slots games and other social gambling activities will be in a position to convert when the time comes.

There are pluses and minuses to slots as a social gambling game, for sure. One of the minuses is that slots, in and of itself, is not a very social game; as much as, say, poker is, simply because you don't play the game with other individuals. Therefore, there is not a natural social aspect to it. And since there is no actual money to be won in jurisdictions where it is not permitted, some people don't see the fun in playing the social media-based slot games.

However, the "pros" would seem to far outweigh the "cons." The people who promote these games often find that their players turn around and tout their experience with other people in their social contact list, and this is one way the games become "viral" in nature. When there is an incentive to get other people involved it is also of great benefit, and so the players are often the beneficiaries of bonuses or other rewards if they are able to share the game and get others to participate. In the online gambling industry, there is a "Refer-a-Friend" program that usually works quite well. When we talk about social online slots games, it takes place even more seamlessly.

In the so-called "pay to play" world, that means one thing, in that there is an actual financial incentive for those to spread the word. When played in the "free" environment, gathering names and data are a key, as mailing lists have incredible strength, and using social games, particularly free slot games, which are easy to learn and generally don't need a tutorial, this is one of the quickest ways to do it.