Social Online Bingo Games Are a Perfect Fit

There is an incredible statistic that has been derived by industry studies of social media, which is that 53% of Facebook users are engaged in playing social games. And judging by the success of some of the bingo games, that is a wildly popular application that is going to get a lot more attention.

Of course, it makes perfect sense by virtue of the nature of the game itself. if you have ever seen bingo played in a brick-and-mortar parlor setting, you know that it simply lends itself to "community." People go there together and they talk a lot between games, although conversation during the game itself is prohibited. When playing bingo online it is a little different, in that no amount of conversation is going to interfere with the process of the game itself, and there is quite a bit of action in the chat rooms.

So in many ways, it defines the term "social." And that is something that was capitalized on by Gamesys, an online gaming company based in the United Kingdom that developed Bingo Friendzy, which became Facebook's first real money gambling app in August. Because it is real money, it can only be played by Facebook users who are located in the UK, and who are at least 18 years of age. Gamesys certainly knows what it's doing, as it already operated a major site for bingo and slot games, Facebook is not in a joint venture with Gamesys in this project, but it made the move with the UK-based company based on the quality of regulation that exists in the jurisdiction at the moment. Just because the activity is taking place over the Facebook platform, it does not mean that it is outside the authority of the UK.

Another immensely popular social online bingo game app is Bingo Blitz, which was developed by Buffalo Studios, a California-based company that offers a very fast-paced version of bingo which is free and draws players from around the world. There are tournaments every day, and the formula has proven to be so successful that it is the most widely-played bingo brand in the world, and the fourth most popular casino game currently available on Facebook.