Social Gambling and Mobile - A Profitable Combination

A study compiled earlier this year from Juniper Research, a UK-based firm that concerns itself with all that is mobile, revealed that it will be social gambling that propels the revenues from mobile gambling into the stratosphere in the coming years.

Juniper projects that annual wagers that will be placed via smart phones and tablet devices will exceed $100 billion by the year 2017, and that even though the "big gun" as far as mobile betting to this point has been sportsbook betting, primarily as it attracts the audience from the United Kingdom, it will be social gambling that is the main driver. The reason? Simple. It's because the social gaming companies, such as Zynga, will be gravitating more toward real money gambling as a way to generate revenues, and eventually it will become the standard for the industry.

Also, there will most likely be an increased amount of integration between the casinos that already exist and registration through Facebook. And consumers will be able to use their social networks to register for casino games, substantially increasing both the reach and engagement of such services," according to Dr. William Holden, who wrote the report for Juniper.

What is seen is the wide convergence of online gambling, mobile gambling and social gambling. One of the experiments in this area is something called "SideBets," an app that can be purchased and downloaded for either the Android or iPhone, which basically allows participants to place peer-to-peer bets which each other on the honor system, a mechanism that circumvents regulations by eliminating paying and collecting function. Fans contact each other, use established sportsbook odds as a medium, and settle the wagers between themselves, although they must buy SBD's (Side Bet Dollars) in order to be integrated into the system.

Certainly there will be more of this to come. People connect so much on their phones right now that doing so within the context of a gambling exercise would seem to be a natural. And whatever comes next would seem to only be limited by the power of the imagination, as the social gaming market reaches new boundaries on mobile devices.