Poker as a Social Game Online - It is Exploding!

Poker is a game that very easily lends itself to social gaming play online, and that is why statistics that have been supplied about Facebook social gambling indicate that Texas Hold'em is the most popular game that is played over the platform. And the company that is way out front when it comes to implementing poker into this kind of gambling arena is Zynga, the social gaming giant that has found out that games like Farmville don't have nearly the pull of social poker. According to statistics offered by the research firm AppData, approximately 37.8 million Facebook users have played Zynga's version of Texas Hold'em, and that is a staggering figure indeed.

The poker games that are available to U.S. customers, and indeed, around the world, by Zynga and other companies generally give away chips, at least to get the player off to a start. At that point players have an option if they are to run out of chips; they can wait for a 24-hour period to get some additional chips or buy more chips to play with. About 5% of the players who are involved with Zynga's social online poker game wind up buying chips, which doesn't sound like a high percentage but really adds up when you consider the total number of players involved.

There are a lot of operators who look at social online poker as it exists today as a stepping stone to something else. In other words, it can serve as a gateway vehicle, as customers are being introduced to the game and may be recruited to the real money version of poker when the time comes. It is going to be a way for existing land-based and online companies to gather names for their list, drawing them in with the free version, so that they can be converted later.

Of course, not all poker players are going to take a shine to playing for free in the social media environment. According to a study that was conducted, in part, by the Poker Players Alliance, about a third of the members who responded said that they don't play social media poker anymore because either there was no money at stake, the advertising was tedious to endure and that, by and large, the other players were so unskilled so as to spoil the game for them. So surely, in what is a boom but at the same time an embryonic stage, there are some things that still can be addressed and dealt with when it comes to poker as a social game online.