Facebook and Social Gambling? Facebook IS Social Gambling

Did you know that 53% of the people on Facebook play some kind of social game? If you do, you know that Facebook looms as a very powerful platform over which gambling-related games are played. In fact, Facebook is the cornerstone of entire "social gambling" movement, because the reality is, any company that is involved with it is almost entirely dependent on it for their existence. That obviously gives the virtual currency called "Facebook Credits" a lot of value, as the virtual chips that are purchased by participants of these games flows through them. It has enabled the establishment of the "fun money" app, and now there is going to be a new move afoot - one that, as in the case of Zynga, is expected to do a lot for Facebook's standing with investors.

You see, Facebook is in the process of moving itself into the arena of real money gambling, and in fact announced the first real money application that will run over its system back in August, which is called Bingo Friendzy. Zynga will be coming aboard with its own real money games in 2013, and since Zynga has been accounting for 12% of Facebook revenues as it is, the ball will really be rolling at that point. The games will first be available only for those customers who are in the United Kingdom, and they will fall under the regulation that currently exists there for online gambling. That's just fine with Facebook, and in fact the site will provide a certain self-regulation, at least in a sense, in that it will only deal with organizations that are licensed in whatever jurisdiction they're in. So "grey market" operators will find themselves on the outside looking in, and the licensees will not find themselves experiencing the disadvantage of having to compete against unlicensed companies who don't incur as much in the way of regulatory expenses as a result.

With over 250 million users logging on daily, more than half of them very "hip" to social games already, a natural way to virally promote games through their system, and a whole lot of earning potential in the gambling sector, it's pretty easy to see why there are many analysts who can point to Facebook as the epicenter for the gambling industry in general by the year 2015.

Visit Facebooks social games page here if you'd like to find social type games to play online many of which are starting to incorporate a gambling component within them.